Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Various Birthday cards

I have this deal worked out with my her gift, I send all our relatives a card from her, that I made. I have to hone my skills more, but with each card I make, I hopefully will become better. I did this for her last year and am repeating this year. These are a few of the cards I've made, some simple, some more involved. Most contain CTMH materials, of course! Sorry about the picture size on some of them...photobucket has problems with resizing...just click on the picture for a full view! Thanks

For my brother in the the red stripe!
soldier birthday

For my sister-in-law: Birthday wishes

Another for my sister-in-law: For you
Flower for you

For my husband: inside says "Missing U"
Missing U

For my sister: inside says "Because you are in it"
papertrey limb

For my brother: inside says "May all your birthday fishes come true"
birthday fishes

Another for my brother: Celebrate
celebrate star

For my husband...we love to have a nice warm cup of coffee at night...
love a latte

love a latte open

1 comment:

Paige Tyler said...

Doesn't look like you need to hone anything to me! I love the fish card and the latte card! way cute!!!!!
I found something this morning and thought of you--- want to start a package swap with you-- you would be the only one I know who would appreciate it-- thinking of a theme now!


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