Monday, March 9, 2009

First showing

Well, we had our first showing on Friday. My neighbor spied on our house for me and told me they were here for about 40-50 minutes...I think that's good! At least they made it in the door and wanted to see more! I'm not sure how they felt about Holly's beautiful Tinkerbell room. My realtor told me not to paint it just yet...maybe someone will like it. We'll see. I'm sure I'll be painting it before long though. I do love it!

It brought to light a few concerns I haven't taken time to truly consider. IF we do sell before I need to, where are we going to live? I've thought about it, but haven't really taken it into consideration or truly looked for a place to rent in the meantime. Also, how am I going to discuss it with D? Doesn't that stuff usually happen rather quickly? They offer, we counter if necessary, they...Will I have time to email and wait for a response? Anyone know? Help me with that one. I guess I should talk to my realtor too!

So, life here is loads of fun. The kids are getting used to military rule in the house. They'll be ready to have their beds checked with quarters pretty soon. Every call on the weekend is the "is it her" call now. Not really fun trying to keep the house clean while relaxing...but it must be done.

Nicholas had a kindergarten performance on Tuesday last week...Oh my gosh was it ever cute! He is such a ham...dancing like John Travolta, singing his math song. There are definitely some drama kings and queens in his class! The parents couldn't stop laughing as some of the kids just let it all out! Maybe I should have enrolled him in dance also? Naw, I think baseball will be a lot more fun to watch.

Bethany had a science fair project due tomorrow. When did she begin? Well, she worked on some of it (writing part) this week, started the experiment on Friday and put it all together today...of course I told her I would not help her if she waited until the last minute...alas, she did. I did offer to type and cut out a couple of things, but it frustrates me so much when she waits to start the major portion. Not good. I think it turned out pretty cute...I'll have to take a couple of pictures to show you. She is very proud of her project.

Ashley is doing well, loving dance and still reading a ton. She finishes her books so fast she needs to visit the library every other day practically. She is starting to hit a little bit of a growth spurt again and getting into her size/age clothes again. She is still a little on the small side...she gets that from me...poor girl.

Holly is my little stinker. Boy is she giving me a run for my money lately. She keeps me on my toes with household cleaners and paints, but she is just looking for that creative outlet...on the carpets, walls and doors. Now I need to show her where she CAN paint and clean! She is getting so big, she's outgrowing her age/size clothes. She also LOVES dance and her teachers keep telling me of her "natural" talent. I ask if they mean the DRAMA part...they laugh. I am not kidding!! :) She's so much fun though. We are going to have a tea party tomorrow (we tried on Friday, but had to leave the house for the showing, so it never happened). Yummy tea with milk and lemon cookies! She wants to have all her friends (dolls) be a part of it. I can't wait!

So that is us in a nutshell right now. Keep your prayers up for our house, family and move! Please also say a prayer for my mom who is still fighting a staph infection in her knee, and David's mom for her Cancer. It's been a tough start of the year for both of them. Thanks again...and Happy Spring!


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