Monday, November 3, 2008

All American Halloween

Nope, no spooky creatures here, just my all-American crew. We had a great Halloween this year...Bethany and Ashley decided, of course, to dress up as Hannah Montana. Might as well, since this is her last season on the show! Nicholas, of course, a baseball player. The decision was tough for him because he wasn't sure what he wanted to dress up as until 2 nights before. It was between Spider Man, Red Sox player, Phillies player (mainly because he played for the Phillies last spring and since they won the World Series...) or a Spider. I was routing for the spider because I really wanted to make him a costume...but he chose a Red Sox player. Of the 6 Halloweens he has participated in, 4 have been a sports figure of some sort...go figure. Then, of course, Holly had to be Tinkerbell. The new movie came out on Tuesday and David brought it home for her and we had an impromptu movie night in the middle of the week. What a GREAT have to see it! Anyway, it was a pleasant evening, not TOO cold, and the kids loaded up on candy. I'll have to upload their pumpkins tomorrow...they did a great job and I actually got to help with 3 kids school parties this year! I had a great time too.



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