Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Who's New to our Zoo

So, I got this call from my brother asking me to make a very special card. You see, they were going for an ultrasound for their new baby and he wants to know what the baby is, but she doesn't. So, to solve the problem temporarily, they asked me to make a card that could be filled out by the technician and put in an envelope and sealed. That way, if they decided to find out before the baby was born, they still a fun and cute sort of way. So this is the card I came up with. You'll see that the inside has a pull tab. The instructions for the technician were to either initial the center of the circle or make a check. (One side says, "It's a girl" the other "It's a boy") If the tech wanted to write a note, he/she could do so on the yellow part of the tab holder. Clear as mud? Anyway, it was a fun card to make for a very special occasion that will go into the new baby's scrapbook. I'm betting it's a girl...but I hope I kept it neutral enough if it's a boy! Maybe I should market this to OB/GYN's? What do you think? (Click on card to see full version)


Inside with pull tab:

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Paige Tyler said...

it appears I am going to be your only traffic you don't post some new stuff soon!!!!!


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